We are Manuela, David & Yolanda.

Milola is a (gluten-free) Artisan Bakery

in sunny Barcelona.


once upon a time

When Milola's Founder was diagnosed with a food allergy a love letter began to be written. 

Seven and Twenty Years ago.

We first opened Milola doors seven years ago with the sole purpose to share a new concept in baked goods. Delicious, surprising, nutritious cakes, cookies and breads suitable for everybody, and every body. But it actually started as a personal quest, more than twenty years ago, when our Co-founder and Chef, Manuela Garcia, was diagnosed with several food intolerances.



Nice to Meet You!


Milola is a family affair: Manuela, David and Yolanda — a trio of non-conformist who believe in taking action and eschew complaining. We believe in creativity, curiosity, research, practice, craft, and collaboration. We exercise turning obstacles into an opportunities, and know by discovering the new we can add value to other people’s lives. It's our shared passion.


why gluten free

At the heart of Milola is the desire to live a full, delicious life.

It’s about friends, family, neighbors — even strangers!

It’s about removing barriers and limiting beliefs. 

We don’t want to convince you with long speeches.

We would much rather seduce the palate with nutritious and scrumptious cakes.


Happy Clients

The truth is I am very grateful to be able to offer a product of such quality and flavor to our customers. You make our life much easier.

It seems almost impossible that you can make something so good free of gluten, dairy or nuts. I already told you when I met you, but once again, congratulations for what you do, and also for being so professional.
— Antonio Saez, Hotel Arts Barcelona, (Ritz Calrton).


Your Milola

Do you own a hotel, restaurant, or coffee shop? Run a school, plan events, or cater office luncheons? Whatever you need, Milola helps you satisfy a wider client-base.

Bring Milola Artisan Bakery to Your Customers

Because we cannot ignore the needs of so many, we bake goods that help you satisfy your modern clientele. 

Milola means complication is taken off your plate. 


Our Cookies - 6 DELICIOUS FLAVORS in 2 perfect sizes

Sure, our cookies are free from: gluten, dairy, lactose, corn, soy flour, wheat , trans fats or butter. They are made with whole cane sugar, and whole grains such as millet, teff, rice, sorghum, buckwheat, oats - but what we propose is more ambitious.

With each cookie we want to challenge constraints, break-down barriers, dismantle myths and build bridges between those with allergies and none at all. 

Is this a lofty goal for a bake shop? Sure. Have we perfected it? YES. Open a box, pour yourself a cup of tea, relax, and take a bite. You'll see. 



Orange, Almond & Cardamon

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip

Spiced Carrot

Raspberry Lime Oatie

Lemon Chia

Banana Double Chocolate Chip

cookies collage.jpg

Happy Customers

Every time someone tells me they’re not very keen on sweets, I tell them, go to Milola! Because now I know what they mean. They don’t enjoy that sugar assault to the palate that you experience with most cakes, and I know that when they try yours, there is no turning back. And it always works!
— S. A.

our mission 

What the world needs is really basic & often forgotten.

LOVE. Pure, unconditional, never out-of-style Love. 

Delicious, creative, indulgent Love. 

And that's where we come in. 

Our mission is simple: make (gluten-free) love manifest. 



I have learned to appreciate that lemon should taste like lemon, orange should taste like orange, and chocolate should taste like chocolate. That, and an excess of sugar, shouldn’t cover every other flavor. You let every ingredient shine and be present. I love that!
— Angela

whole living

We’re still amazed that something as simple as a whole grain can pack so much energy and vitality. Not to mention make pastry and breads taste so good.

At Milola we believe that baking and nutrition are not contradictory terms; we don't need to choose one over the other. This conviction drives us to constant research and experiment: to re-think every ingredient so as to make the best of it, more flavorful and interesting, with the intention to surprise our customer's palate all the time. It inspires us every day, and gives meaning to a cuisine based on a feeling of respect for every ingredient that comes into our kitchen.

 We want to show our customers that, when you don't rely on wheat for everything, you can open up to a world of nutrition and flavor.



It’s about sharing the spotlight with brilliant collaborators.

Flours aren’t the only stars. With an abundance of fresh produce, raw cane sugar, agave, maple syrup, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, we at Milola are set on showing you that gluten-free baking gives new meaning to our beloved Mediterranean diet. 

Variety holds the key to great enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle, we believe that grains such as sorghum, millet, quinoa, teff, rice and buckwheat are not just a salvation to those suffering from gluten intolerance, but an excellent alternative to us all, due to their nutritional value and amazing flavor. 

But we are not trying to convince you. Invite your friends and family over and give Milola a try. Let yourself be seduced. Minds and taste-buds will be blown. Cheers!


We love hearing from you!


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08395 Sant Pol de Mar

Barcelona. Spain.  

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