Shiny, happy people!

Gluten-free (and gluten-filled) people love Milola. Businesses and their clients, too. Here's is a selection of kind words that have been shared with us.


Pilar García Gómez
"Gluten and coffee had to leave my life. Living gluten free was easy: Milola paved the way, and not just that, it filled the path with sprinkles and unicorns. Thank you for that. I'm still looking for a Milola who'll do the same thing with coffee."


“I feel so much lighter when I eat your cakes!”


“I notice my children's energy levels don't go crazy when they have your food, like they do when they eat refined sugar and processed baked goods”


“I mean, these are not cakes, this is food! Proper food!”

M. L. B.

“The flours you use have so much flavor, I can no longer have any other.”

A. C.

“Now I know what a light digestion means!”


“I have learned to appreciate that lemon should taste like lemon, orange should taste like orange, and chocolate should taste like chocolate. That, and an excess of sugar, shouldn’t cover every other flavor. You let every ingredient shine and be present. I love that!”


“My children refuse to have any other cookies but yours.”

A. López

“You never stop surprising us: carrot, rhubarb, mango, raspberry, strawberries, blueberries, pumpkin, pure cocoa, maple, agave, orange, lemon. These are the words that define Milola for me!”

S. A.

“Every time someone tells me they're not very keen on sweets, I tell them, go to Milola! Because now I know what they mean. They don't enjoy that sugar assault to the palate that you experience with most cakes, and I know that when they try yours, there is no turning back. And it always works!”

Y. S.

"I, unlike a lot of people, happen to love muffins. I have always bought muffins, but they all tasted the same. And then I tried yours, and I found them so tasty and full of different flavors! They have so much flavor!!! And they taste healthy and wholesome!!!"

R. R.
"Flavor, flavor, flavor! Your flours are not neutral, they are so tasty! They are delicious, moist, light, soft. There are so many layers of flavor coming through!" 

S. M.
"Muffins made with blueberries?! Real ones?! There is nothing artificial about them, each ingredient is there, and you can taste them. I can't do without them anymore." 

Anna S.
"I absolutely love their moist texture and the fact that you can taste every single ingredient. I am hooked to both the vanilla chocolate chip and blueberry muffins!!"