Once Upon a Time...



When Milola's Founder was diagnosed with a food allergy a love letter began to be written.

Seven and Twenty Years ago

We first opened Milola's doors seven years ago with the sole purpose of sharing a new concept in baked goods. Delicious, surprising, nutritious cakes, cookies and breads suitable for everybody, and every body. But it actually started as a personal quest, over twenty years ago, when our Co-founder and Chef, Manuela Garcia, was diagnosed with several food intolerances.

Working at a French bakery, living in London (where eating out was a big part of her life) she came to the full realization of how difficult life can be if you suffer from a food allergy. It wasn’t long after her diagnosis that she learned grocers weren’t prepared for her needs. She had great difficulty finding the right ingredients to bake with, and when she did, there was little choice. When she found pre-made, gluten-free items in stores they often were unappetizing in appearance, dubious in texture, and taste? Don't get her started. Restaurants? They didn’t want to hear it.

Immediately she began searching high and low for food suitable to her needs — that resulted in the same standards as she was used to enjoying prior to becoming "gluten-free".

Breaking (and Baking) Through Boundaries

Those with gluten intolerance, celiac, etc. are faced with an interesting paradox: an illness that doesn't require medication, but a drastic change in the way you eat.

Ever the rebel, Manuela resisted the idea that all she could have were a few ítems on the "free-from…" shelf of supermarkets. And knowing she wasn’t alone was her battle cry.

Manuela made it her job to discover grains, flours, and ingredients that brought a new world of flavor and possibilities, with results that were both delicious and highly nutritious. She proved to herself that gluten-free food can be flavorful, fun, and an endless source of creativity and pleasure. She invited her family to try her patisserie. Broke bread with friends. Milola was born.

First, could she create amazing cakes made with whole gluten free flours, no refined sugar, no trans fats, lactose, and dairy free options, vegan options, corn free, and packed with flavor and fresh ingredients? The answer was “yes!’ Then, could she make it that others, too, could reap the benefits of her discoveries? Again “yes!’ And this is where David and Yolanda come in.

Ever since the first "light bulb" went off, Manuela knew whom her perfect partners would be. The dream team that would take this vision into reality. David's creativity, his ability to multitask, to always learn new things, his thirst for new adventures and his extensive work experience made him absolutely indispensable from day one. Just as it was a key factor to have Yolanda's excellent customer service skills, her eye for detail, her sunny attitude, her open heart, her warmth. Manuela was as sure of it back in 2010 as she is now. 

Today, we know our shared vision was right, because our customers can’t stop telling us. Bringing delicious, surprising, nutritious baked goods — suitable for everybody, and every body — is a dream come true. Love made manifest

Did I mention it’s our regular customers, the ones with no food allergies, the ones that can't stop raving about the benefits of eating our food? Read their raves, and others’, here.