Nice to meet you!


We are Milola

Milola is a family affair: Manuela, David and Yolanda — a trio of non-conformist who believe in taking action and eschew complaining. We believe in creativity, curiosity, research, practice, craft, and collaboration. We exercise turning obstacles into opportunities, and know by discovering the new we can add value to other people’s lives. It's our shared passion.


Manuela Garcia

Favorite Cookie: Orange Cardamon

Manoli’s passion is inspiring others to live a happy and healthy life – she believes that everyday moments are cause for celebration. A Renaissance woman, Manoli balances a scientific mind with an artistic nature much in the same way as she balances ingredients in the kitchen: with curiosity and wonder. Balance is at the centre of this Libra girl's heart. She loves green vegetables and chocolate in equal measure,  and although she frequently dreams of Iceland, and feels complete walking on the Hampstead Heath with her friends, she's thrilled to call sunny Barcelona home. OH! And she's David's girl …

David Fitó

Favorite Cookie: Hazelnut Chocolate Chip

David is a true Gemini: give him a hundred things to do, and he's a happy, productive man. He loves people, traveling, photography, music. A multi-tasker per definition, David thrives with the challenge of having to constantly learn new skills. His passion: the joy of spontaneous human interaction with people from all walks of life: from suppliers to customers, to just about anyone who crosses his path. He dreams of being able to live in London, Iceland and Barcelona all at once. Did we say he's a Gemini?? OH! And he's proud Uncle David to Milola's new generations...

Yolanda García

Favorite Cookie: Raspberry Lime Oatie

Yolanda's passion is the satisfaction of making people feel at home even when they are a thousand miles away. Making every single step of the processes previous to you being able to bite that first cookie a smooth journey filled with passion and joy. Yolanda cares about the smalls details in life, as a Virgo girl would, she loves to surround herself with beautiful things and often dreams with her favorite city: London. She is as happy with a frantic work schedule as she is in the solitude of her home with a cup of tea.  OH! And she is Manoli’s sister and Aitana and Jaume’s grandma, for whom she has officially lost her head ...